Hakomi Boulder Colorado


I am a Hakomi certified therapist. Hakomi is a mindfulness-based, experiential form of psychotherapy. It is a methodology designed to uncover and explore unconscious core beliefs that guide our lives without our awareness. Through mindfulness we can learn how to witness thoughts, emotions, memories and bodily sensations without judgment and in a loving, compassionate presence.


Core beliefs refer to memories, neural patterns, images, beliefs and powerful emotional dispositions. They can exert influence by organizing the major themes of life such as our sense of belonging, worthiness, support, safety, love, responsibility etc. Some of this material can help support us in ways that have a positive impact while they can also be limiting. The Hakomi method is a system that will uncover and explore this core material to help intentionally create our own vision of health and wholeness.


Hakomi is rooted in mindfulness, meaning it encourages and facilitates a sustained inward focus of attention and heightened sensitivity to present moment experience. Through this practice we can better name and understand the contents of consciousness. Hakomi practitioners typically conduct experiments while in mindfulness to elicit experiences that will illuminate core material. Many of these experiments focus on bodily sensations and somatic response.


Hakomi is effective for a wide range of therapeutic situations including individual therapy, groups, couples and family therapy. It can effective in both long-term and short-term therapy. If you would like to know ore about Hakomi or how it informs my work feel free to contact me and set up a free consultation!