Personal Growth Coaching & Counseling Boulder Colorado

Personal Growth

Many people come to therapy with an intention to simply get to know themselves better. I have always liked calling psychotherapy “assisted self-discovery,” where we do not focus on diagnosis or working to solve a problem but rather apply a nonjudgmental curiosity to study and explore our internal landscape in a relational way. If you’re looking to have more insight into why you are the way you are…If you are looking to change and transform yourself into the person you would like to be…If you are looking to be more in touch with and in alignment with your higher self and purpose, then psychotherapy is also for you.


My practice is rooted in developing our capacity for mindfulness. Within mindfulness we can have more access to deeper and subtler aspects of our experiences. In this way, mindfulness helps to build our emotional intelligence. Being able to name our experience is paramount and must happen before we can communicate with others about our experience. Developing mindfulness and emotional intelligence will also deepen and improve relationships by being able to relate to others more authentically.