Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy in Boulder & Longmont

I have always liked calling psychotherapy “assisted self-discovery.” I do not focus on diagnosis or working to solve a problem but rather apply a nonjudgmental curiosity to study and explore your internal landscape in a relational way.

My practice is rooted in developing capacity for mindfulness. Within mindfulness we can have increased access to deeper and subtler aspects of our experiences. Being able to simply feel what we are feeling is necessary before we can begin to name it and communicate it with others. Increasing our capacity for mindfulness will deepen and improve all our relationships by being able to relate to others more authentically.

There are a number of common themes I work with ranging from acute and developmental trauma, sexuality, anxiety, depression, intimate relationships, finding deeper purpose and meaning to just wanting to understand yourself better.


A mindfulness-based, somatic form of psychotherapy.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine has been used in treating depression, chronic pain and variety of mental health concerns.


Exploration and healing through loving presence.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration, Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and psychedelic therapy.


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